JOIN the 2023 HEALinc Future Health Summit, Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas, April 17th-19th

Shifting to a new paradigm of health means inspiring creativity, and improving resilience and enhancing quality of life through regenerative medicines and advanced longevity technologies.

HEALinc is where we connect the dots between Access to Future Health Technologies and Quality of Life.

The 2018 and 2019 HEALinc Future Health Summits were landmark events for the future health and regenerative medicine space. Held in Nassau, the Bahamas, they focused on expanding the emerging mandate and new paradigm for personal wellness and optimal health. They also emphasized the importance of providing equitable access to optimal health therapeutics for everyone, regardless of jurisdiction or economic status.

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Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, PhD

Dr. Desirée Cox, MD, PhD

Rhodes Scholar and Scientific Artist

CEO and Founder, HEALinc 360

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2018 and 2019 HEALinc Summit Highlights

2018 HEALinc Summit Highlights
2019 HEALinc Summit Highlights

2019 HEALinc Speakers Cafe

Dr. Desirée Cox and Houston Healthspan Innovation Group
Dr. Molly Maloof
Bruce Cryer and Gary Malkin
Jessica Jorgensen and Devin Burke
Dr. Todd McAllister and Cathy Cather
Crachad Laing – HEALinc Bridging-the-Future Program

2018 Inaugural Summit Opening Ceremony and Honoree Talk by Dr. Aubrey de Grey

2018 Opening Ceremony
HEALinc Honoree Lecture – Dr. Aubrey de Grey